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Why the change?

The main concept here is Bootstrap. Nothing to do with Bill, but a framework for building websites. I have known about Bootstrap for some time but have never really looked into it because, to be honest, it sounded a little scary. However I bit the bullet and thought I would look into it further. I'm glad I did. It saves a lot of time and effort in designing and if you're like me and have about as much design skill as a pebble it makes building a website less intimidating.

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How to edit your code

I mentioned at the end of the last post about editing your code, but if you're new to web programming you may not know how to do it or you may not know there are bad, good and better ways to code. Therefore I've made this little post to talk about some of the options that are available to you...

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Part 2... Adding a bit of flavour

If you haven't read my first post in the series, please jump there now to see what's going on. Okay. So we can both agree that the first version was basic and boring. But it has achieved one important thing - the basics are there to work upon. So let me show you the transition from version 1 to version 2 (open in a new tab and you can flick back and forth!).

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