What about article layout?

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You may have noticed that this article has a slightly different (and hopefully better) look to it than my previous ones. How did I do this? Whilst reading articles on other blogs and websites which interest me, I forced myself to be aware of their layouts. What were they doing? What made their articles look good? Professional? Nice? Readable?

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What to write about

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Trying to improve your website with relevant, interesting and unique content is not always as easy to achieve as one might think. How then, can you create these wonderful and useful articles that are going to get visitors to your site if you don’t know what to write about? I previously wrote about how to get motivated to write your articles and this article was born from that initially. It just shows that article ideas can come from anywhere! So without further ado…

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How to get motivated to write that article

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A common issue that a lot of blog owners have is a hard time finding the motivation to create new content for their website (myself included!). This can be frustrating because you have the passion for the blog/website you run – otherwise you wouldn’t be running it – but you still say to yourself “I’ll definitely write something tomorrow”, or something like that.

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Do I need good content for high ranking in Google?

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This is a question which is asked over and over from website owners, both new and old alike. The simple answer is… yes. Absolutely and unequivocally yes. But that’s not helpful to everyone and a lot of the time sends people off to the search engine again to find a better answer.

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