It’s Not Just About Google

There’s more than one way to skin a cat

In the world of the internet there are two eras. BG and AG (Before Google and After Google). I’m sure that everyone is aware of the major shift in how the internet has been perceived since Google jumped into our lives and even into the English dictionary! But there is a life outside of Google. Okay, we can all get on more than happily just standing under the Google umbrella, but there are other search engines out there and to just ignore them would (in my opinion anyway) be bad SEO.

But why should we bother with other search engines if we can do everything with Google. That question is easy to answer: they don’t own 100% of the market. If they did then there would be no need for articles like this. So how much of the market do they actually own? Quite a lot, but not all of it. To give you an idea, I hunted around the internet and took figures from all over the place and worked out an average of the market share that the top search engines own. I felt this had to be done as no one seemed to agree on figures for any particular time period, although there was not a major difference between them. So below is a pie chart so you can see how the different search engines stand up to each other:

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As can be seen, Google certainly takes up the majority of the market but still about 18% away from total market share. So does this really matter? Well this all depends on what you are attempting to achieve. If you are only interested in gaining readers (for example a blog such as this one) then sticking with only one search engine will probably do you just fine. Unless you are studying SEO of course! But if you speak to anyone who runs a business and ask if they would like to potentially increase their sales by 18%, they will probably bite your hand off to get it.


CoolCompany Inc sells cards for all occasions globally. You can go onto their website and design your own cards to be sent to friends and loved ones in any country in the world. Now, currently they are only concentrating their efforts with the Big G and their current turnover is £100,000 (Yep! I’m British!) per annum. Then they find out that they can gain this extra percentage in sales. This equates to a potential extra turnover of £18,000 a year! Certainly something not to be sniffed at and as I mentioned above, any business worth their salt will ensure that they get this extra business.

Should you 80/20?

However, before you go rushing out to spend all this time ensuring you are mentioned in all the other search engines which will no doubt take a long time you have to consider that this 18% is only a potential increase and actual figures will not reflect exactly this. Also you can sit there and get a nice glowing feeling inside knowing that the other search engines probably have you listed already if you have a fairly long standing site. There are no exact time frames to how long this takes, but most engines out there will quote between a few days and a few months.

This is also a prime time to consider the 80/20 rule. Roughly speaking, this means that you receive 80% results from 20% effort. (This comes from Vilfredo Pareto about wealth). Obviously getting those sort of results from such small effort is beneficial, but would this rule apply to ensuring you are getting traffic from all search engines? Probably not. An article I read the other day on the ProBlogger website entitled: “How to Leverage the 80/20 Rule for Blogging Success” is an excellent resource for understanding how this works and how to it can apply to more than just one area of your life.

Where am I?

Whilst writing this I attempted to find some way (bar going through my visitor logs) of seeing if my own blog is listed with a particular search engine; in my case I could not find anything myself, but if there is anyone out there that knows a place where this can be done, please let me know! To be safe though, there is nothing wrong with submitting your site to the search engines (even Google does not mind you submitting a site even if it has been crawled). There are companies out there that offer free search engine submissions which allow you to submit to multiple sites, but please beware! There are those that are not as good as others – makes sure you read the small print and nothing nasty is going to come back and bite you. Link farms and email lists are one sure way of getting into trouble with both the search engine and your email inbox.