Keyword Searches

The other day I found that one of my friends hates using search engines saying that they can never understand how people can find what they are looking for when they are not able to.

This came as quite a surprise so I asked them to search for something they were interested in. It was interesting to see how they fumbled their way through using keywords and the search engines in general. So where were they going wrong? They assumed that they had to search using keywords, they had to know specifically what they were after. This is borne of not having a great understanding of how search engines work in today’s mass of information.

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SEO – What is it?

Seo Logo

Any one that has published a website online will no doubt have heard about SEO. but apart from it meaning Search Engine Optimisation, what does it actually mean for us as webmasters? In a nutshell, it is

a practice that is employed to increase the visibility of your website through the use of methods and theories that have developed over the years to assist with high rankings within search engines

Phew! That was a mouthful. Let’s break this down so that we can fully understand what is actually involved.

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