Visitor’s Comments

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Everyone has an opinion whether they be positive or not. But it can be hard to get visitors to your site to leave a comment. So how do you get these important comments?

Number Of Articles

The more articles on your site, the more likely it is that you will get responses. Regular submissions will bring back visitors to your site and these people are more likely to give their views. This will, in turn, improve the chances of new visitors to become regular and leave comments.

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Comments Are Good

All comments should be accepted providing they have useful content to them (and they are not defamatory in any way). Spam comments must be removed as visitors will not want to scroll through masses of irrelevant views to find something interesting. Even if a comment is negative, these should be taken on board.


Visitors who leave comments like feeling important. This is why it is a good idea to respond to their opinions in a professional way. It would be nice to receive positive comments but this is just not going to happen.

Even a bad review is a good review

So what must you do when you receive a negative view? Ignoring it will ensure that your readers think you are biased so it is a good idea to answer these. Just ensure that you are professional and courteous in all your replies. A good tip is if you are enraged by a negative comment, is to leave it and go back to replying the next day when you are more likely to be able to respond in a manner that you are happier with. Remember not to get into a flame war.

Visitors to your site will have their opinions and will share them if you ask. This is a great way to gain an insight into every aspect of your site and could be considered a form of metrics which can be analysed to improve your article submissions.

Ask For Comments

Really! There is nothing wrong with asking visitors to leave a reply to your articles. It has been mentioned time and again in other articles that the number of responses increase if you ask at the end of your article. If you are writing a short article you can quite easily ask anywhere throughout the post. It shows that you care.

Ask Open Questions

This is similar to the tip above. The difference is for articles where you want to find out visitors specific views. Perhaps there is information that you wish to know and would like some help.

Unique Articles

This is probably the most talked about and important aspect of article writing when it comes to search engine optimisation. Visitors do not want to find that they have started reading an article they have read on another site.

Not Too Long

As mentioned above, asking open questions is a good idea, but if you are asking which requires a response, don’t make the article too long. Remember, you are not writing a thesis. Unless of course, you are!

Comment Yourself

Commenting on articles in other blogs which are similar in content to your own will let the owners know that you are serious about what you are doing and will be more willing to leave comments on your own blog. This can also lead to linking.

Now I am going to ask for comments! What are your views on the above tips? Do you have any extra ones yourself? If I get enough new tips then I will write another article in addition to this one and even give you credit for the tip!