30 Days of Night

A small and remote town in Alaska is the setting for this film. Due to its far Northern location, the sun sets and doesn’t rise again for 30 days – and this is when the problems start for the residents that have remained to keep the town of Barrow running. However barely as the final light for a month has disappeared below the horizon the local sheriff (Josh Hartnett) is kept busy by a spate of issues, each of which could possibly lead to disaster for the small town.

30 Days of Night (2007) Official HD Trailer [1080p]


Initially I found the story painfully slow. I understand that there has to be character development so you root for them but I didn’t. Throughout the story I didn’t really have any feelings either way about whether they lived or die. Although I don’t think that is what the story is about. Let’s face it – it’s a horror film – and that’s what we watch this genre, right?

The isolation is a big part of the atmosphere together with the gritty, saturated feel to the film. There are parts of the film that are reminiscent of The Thing which are what made that film great. The make-up and effects are very good and the ‘language’ of the vampires is an interesting addition with the obvious signs of layers of hierarchy in the group. I would certainly say to give this film a watch as although it isn’t brilliant, it’s good enough not to be disappointed.

I have to point out a small warning for this film: There are a lot of erratic camera changes in places which can be a bit disorienting for some.


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