House on Haunted Hill (1959)

For $10,000, five strangers are invited to spend a night in a house for a party and will receive the money if they can survive the night. Each arriving in a hearse tells them that this is no ordinary party, and no ordinary house – this is a murder house still haunted by the ghosts of those who have died. How many of them will survive the night? Are they really all strangers? Only time will tell… and the clock is ticking.

House on Haunted Hill - Vincent Price (1959) - Official Trailer HD


This film is your typical horror film for the era. Starring Vincent Price – well known for many, many horror films of the era – this does have a few jump-scares which make it a perfect film for watching in the dark. The effects are cleverly done for what they had available for the time, even using bad effects as part of the storyline which is a unique idea. This film is for people who are hardcore fans of retro horror who are able to appreciate the film for what it is rather than dissecting it or comparing it to modern day horror films. I found the film a good start to a horror film evening – although it isn’t scary per se, it does get you in the mood to watch more, and seems to plant that ‘being watched’ feeling you sometimes get when you’re in a dark house on your own.


House on Haunted Hill Score


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