The Thing (1982)

In Antarctica, an American research team are forced to survive a parasitic alien intent on taking over the human race. Trust between the team breaks down as they learn that any one of them could have already been taken over by the parasite and need to discover who is still human to survive. When there is an alien that can replicate an organism perfectly, how will they work out who is still human and who isn’t?

The Thing (1982) - Official Trailer


One of the most well-known films in the horror genre, The Thing is a masterpiece of film. Made before the advent of realistic CGI the effects are all painstakingly created from scratch which give a much better sense of realism – the cast didn’t have to imagine what the various stages of the parasite’s changes and could react in real time to what was going on. An excellent example of this is the scene where Dr. Copper is attempting to revive his colleague Norris – to produce the effect of him having his arms ripped off they got a person who had had both arms amputated to the elbows and used fake arms to create the effect. Together with a prosthetic face to make him look like Copper, this scene is genius in it’s execution. The Thing is probably one of the most famous films in its genre and anyone who enjoys horror films has more than likely seen it.


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